Steven Moseley

Welcome to my site

My name is Steve.  I am the Co-founder / CTO of Boston-based startup Unstack, a no-code web marketing platform.  I occasionally write in my blog, talk at meetups, and mentor young techies.

This site is my test-bed for code experiments. On that subject, this page is personalized.  To replace "Friend" with your name, visit replacing "Steve" with your name.

Now, here's a little more about me and the things I enjoy:



It's not just a job for me, it's a passion.  I have a few little side-projects usually going on at any given time, some of which become features of Unstack.

Right now, I'm working on these side-projects:

  • Responsive media-optimization (coming soon to a CMS near you!)
  • NLP-based mesh keyword value analysis. 
Data Analysis

Quant Trading

I enjoy writing algorithmic trading models to try and beat market trends. (Obviously, these days that's a crazy space.)

I use Quantopian to do research, create notebooks, and back-test models.  It's a blast!

Data Analysis

Tournament Poker

I'm a huge poker fan, and try to play in tournaments whenever I have some free time (which isn't very often these days... because startup life!)

I have played in the WSOP three times, and got pretty deep in the money once. When I retire, I think my Summers will be spent in Vegas. :)

What else have I worked on!

Obviously, Unstack is a big part of my life today.  But to give you a little additional background, before Unstack I held Engineering and management roles at these companies: