The Startup Employee'sGuide to Stock Options

The Startup Employee's Guide to Stock Options

HOW TO EVALUATE AND MANAGE YOUR OPTIONS LIKE AN INVESTORApril 15, 2020So you're thinking about working at a startup, because you want the upside opportunity provided by owning options in the company. Well, before you jump into the wonderful world of startup craziness, let me give you a little background ...

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How to use UUID "Pseudo" Primary Keys in Django Rest Framework in 2 easy steps!

UUID Primary Keys in  Django Rest Framework in 2 Easy Steps

UUID Primary Keys make a lot of sense in modern applications, and UUIDs have become a popular way for developers to publicly identify objects in their applications.Benefits include:They obscure the identifier, making it virtually impossible for attackers to guess IDs.They allow Foreign Key references to be similarly obscured.They allow for ...

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Scalar-Aggregate Comparison for High-Performance Correlated Aggregate SQL Queries

Whoah, that title is a mouthful. Let's break it down by starting with definitions.Correlated Aggregate Queries: self-joining a table using an aggregated value, e.g. MIN(id), to find the correlated value of a different column, e.g. URL.Scalar-Aggregate Comparison: the process of combining scalar and aggregate SQL functions to compare compare cross-columnar ...

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Tesla Could Compete With Apple In The Smartphone Space

Tesla Could Compete with Apple in the Smartphone Space

SummaryTesla's brand affinity is almost on-par with Apple.Tesla has the tech & team to build competitive smartphones with Apple.Tesla may pivot to generate revenue to support other efforts.I love Tesla (TSLA). Who doesn't? Even passionate short-sellers and Elon Musk critics often offer a caveat that their bearishness is on execution, ...

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