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Welcome, Steve!

About this site. With the exception of my blog, I use this site as a test-bed for new Unstack features.

About this section. This section is demonstrating Unstack's parameterized dynamic page generation.  If you'd like to see it in action, you can visit this page with the ?name= parameter set, e.g. stevenmoseley.com?name=Steve. Note that if no name parameter is sent, the field defaults to "friend".

So... what about me?

My name is Steve.  I am the Co-founder / CTO of Boston-based startup Unstack.  Unstack is a next-generation martech platform empowering SaaS businesses to run highly-optimized campaigns with foolproof content management, one-click integrations, A/B testing, closed-loop data analytics, custom dashboards, and more, all in a no-code environment that frees up tech teams to focus on product development, and allows marketers to get faster, better results completely autonomously. (In case you're wondering, this site was also built on Unstack.)

What else have I worked on?

Obviously, Unstack is a big part of my life today.  But to give you a little additional background, before Unstack I held Engineering and management roles at these companies:

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Frequently asked questions about me

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  • How long have you been a programmer?

    30+ years

  • What languages have you used professionally?

    Chronologically speaking, Basic, Pascal, ADA, Delphi, Javascript, VB, ASP, Actionscript, C#, ASP.net, Java, PHP, and Python.

  • What database engines have you used?

    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, and MySQL (including MariaDB and Aurora).  For NoSQL, I've worked with Mongo and Dynamo.