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Welcome, Steve!

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Who am I?

My name is Steve.  I am the Co-founder / CTO of Boston-based startup Unstack, a next-generation website builder and marketing platform. Check it out! (This site was built on Unstack). 

I have over 20 years of experience in tech, ranging from product management and design to code and devops. My current day-to-day is a mixed bag of the above.

I occasionally write about my ideas in my blog, give talks at meetups, and mentor young tech leaders in the Boston area.  Reach out if you'd like to get in touch!

What else have I worked on?

Obviously, Unstack is a big part of my life today.  But to give you a little additional background, before Unstack I held Engineering and management roles at these companies:

Want to get in touch?

Fill this out and I'll try to get back to you in a timely fashion.   Types of requests I typically respond to:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Content syndication requests
  • Mentorship requests
  • Unstack-related consultation

Looking forward to hearing from you!

More About Me

  • How long have you been a programmer?

    30+ years

  • What languages have you used professionally?

    Chronologically speaking, Basic, Pascal, ADA, Delphi, Javascript, VB, ASP, Actionscript, C#, ASP.net, Java, PHP, and Python.

  • What database engines have you used?

    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, and MySQL (including MariaDB and Aurora).  For NoSQL, I've worked with Mongo and Dynamo.