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Welcome, friend!

About this section title. This section is demonstrating Spark's parameterized dynamic page generation.  If you'd like to see it in action, you can visit this page with the ?name= parameter set, e.g. stevenmoseley.com?name=Steve. Note that if no name parameter is sent, the field defaults to "friend".

So... what about me?

My name is Steve.  I am the CTO and Co-founder of a Boston-based startup called Spark Growth.  Spark is a new type of content management system that makes the creation and editing of beautiful rich-content websites super-fast and easy. 

Spark also has powerful analytics tools that allow marketers to build, test, and measure successful campaigns without plugging in various point solutions. (In case you're wondering - yes, this site was built on Spark!)

What have I worked on?

Obviously, Spark is a big part of my life today.  But to give you a little additional background, here are a trifecta of companies I've worked for over the last several years.

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Frequently asked questions about me!

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  • How long have you been a programmer?

    30+ years

  • What languages have you used professionally?

    Chronologically speaking, Basic, Pascal, ADA, Delphi, Javascript, VB, ASP, Actionscript, C#, ASP.net, Java, PHP, and Python.

  • What database engines have you used?

    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, and MySQL (including MariaDB and Aurora).  For NoSQL, I've worked with Mongo and Dynamo.