My name is Steve.  I am the CTO and Co-founder of a Boston-based startup called Spark Growth

Spark is a new type of content management system that makes the creation and editing of beautiful rich-content websites super-fast and easy. 

Spark also has powerful analytics tools that allow marketers to build, test, and measure successful campaigns without plugging in various point solutions.

(In case you're wondering - yes, this site was built on Spark!)

  • What's your favorite color?

    I'm color blind

  • How long have you been a programmer?

    38 years

Personal Lines of Insurance 

I used to work in the insurtech space. These are some of the types of insurance:


Coverage of home against fire, burglary, windstorm, flood, etc.


Coverage of vehicles against accidents, act of god, etc.


Coverage to protect one's family in case of untimely death



Veterinary health insurance for pets, with checkups included