Welcome, Wahaj

My name is Steve.  I am the CTO of Boston-based startup Unstack, a no-code web marketing platform.  I occasionally write in my blog, talk at meetups, and mentor young techies.

This site is my test-bed for code experiments. On that subject, this page is personalized.  To replace "Friend" with your name, Fill out the contact form down here, and refresh this page to see your name appear!


Some of my hobbies...


Software Development

It's not just a job for me, it's a passion. I have a few little side-projects usually going on at any given time, some of which become features of Unstack.

Right now, I'm working on these side-projects:

  • Responsive media-optimization (coming soon to a CMS near you!)
  • NLP-based mesh keyword value analysis. 
stock ticker

Quant Trading

I enjoy writing algorithmic trading models to try and beat market trends. (Obviously, these days that's a crazy space.)

I use Quantopian to do research, create notebooks, and back-test models. It's a blast!

person playing poker

Tournament Poker

I'm a huge poker fan, and try to play in tournaments whenever I have some free time (which isn't very often these days... because startup life!)

I have played in the WSOP three times, and got pretty deep in the money once. When I retire, I think my Summers will be spent in Vegas. :)

Occasional Pontifications


Past and Present

Unstack is a big part of my life today.  But before Unstack I held Engineering and management roles at these companies:


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